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Making a small refregerator into a small SCROG cabinet need some help..

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Greetings to all felow growers, i have a small fridge which is ideal for 2 plants with the SCROG technique.. I just wanted to know if there is any way to calculate the in/out of the air ,so as to buy the right vents..
Sorry for my English and thank's in advance.
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So I took a refrigaretor ,a small one, and first of all i throw away everything,the motor and all the inside stuff.. Then i closed the gap that the motor left with some plastic ,form the stuff i took out, and with silicone i gluded everything.. I purchased some "adjustable legs", for furniture to rise it some centimeters from the ground for the plastic tubes of the air intake to take place, the inside of the plastic curves/tubes is painted black an the intakes are looking to the rear , for the light not to come in.. then i drilled a 10 cm round hole to the top of the fridge for the exaust of the air to go..The main plan is that the tube in the one end is gona be very close to the lamp/lamps and the other end is gona go to an 10cm diameter in line exaust with aproximately 150 m3/h .. After a home made carbon air filter system will take place for smell isues.. :) The method i want to use is SCROG with one or maybe 2 plants.. The question is what about the light, ok i will go with fluoros but there are many choices..I know the spectrumcause this is gona be a flowering cabinet but what wattage? I mean 4 30whats (or so ) or one big ..? Any one?
OK, temps are good!

4200 would be unusual, they are usually 2700K or 6400K. Is it marked on the bulb or on the packaging?

Got your seeds?

ready to go? ;)
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Thanks guys much apreceated!! My bad ,about the spectrum,Setting Sun its 2700 :thumb: .. The bad thing is the seeds.. I would like to take some "indor colour mix" number 4 and 5 :ganjamon: from Dutch passion but im a litle concern about tacking seeds through internet.. I need the most stealth way to get them through the internet and mail..I have some bagseed but its a lot of trouble to do cause i dont know strains or even sex...especialy now that im planing on doing a closet with 2 spaces ,one for mother/clones and the other for flowering (maybe scrog..) It will be 2,4 m high 1,2 m width and 70 cm in depth..:surf:
If this is your first grow, it's not a bad idea to use bagseed, especially if the smoke was at least decent.

You won't know sex, but it will teach you how to sex plants, and you will gain a lot of experience without risking the money it would take to get feminized seeds.

The sponsored seed banks here are a reliable source if you want to go that route.


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Technically.. Feminized seeds still have the possibility of growing males, thou usually lower then standard bag seeds.

You could look into getting a mother going (it will take months to properly sex it), and clone it into the scrog fridge for 6-9 week runs depending on the strain maturization...

What I'd do anyways... Nice job on the fridge.. with small spaces you need to make sure you have enough CFM in there to keep it cool. Good Luck.
2700K is good for flowering, but may give you some stretch and may increase the percentage of males if you use it for young seedlings and veg.

You can use it if you can't afford to get a 6400-6500K veg bulb, but that would be ideal.

Not sure if you're going with soil or hydro, but whatever you decide to go with, try to get containers that will give you a few inches of growth under that screen.
Mr Cool, I offer an idea for your consideration. Grow a crop in your small box now, while purchased seeds are aquired then grown to size enough to take cuttings from in your new big cabinet. In your small, ready to go conversion box, you can get started right away and harvest buds in 10 weeks. 12/12 from seed will likely finish about 40 to 50 cm. Start with ten or twelve. Cull those that show balls. Select the three to five best females to finish with.
I've grown short, quick cannabis and dried about 7 - 15g each.
Your bagseed bud will be higher quality than the weed from that bag. ;)
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