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Making cannabis vape oil?


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Hello all.

So iv been ill recently and tried some branded vape juice which i cant state the name but it was around 31% and it was so much better than smoking and it felt it lasted a little longer, so all in great for me.

I have found a some info and it states:

5g of kief to 20ml of pg and 20ml of vg?

Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

I cant afford to get any of this wrong, iv included a video of this too, the reason im asking aswell is i cant afford to get this wrong.




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hth I dont smoke or vape anything - just a personal choice.

If there are healthier choices for vaping liquids Im sorry but I dont know what they may be

There is a vape forum on here that might help E-cigs & Vape Pens


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@Oldbear Hello buddy, iv seen a few stories about now there saying its bad like you say, i really cant keep up with this world, its good its bad, pretty sure its all about the government claiming more revenue, not to worry i will still try make some, i wont be using it 24/7 just rather during late night times.
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