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Making feminized seeds

I have a strain of (ak 47 x white widow) which I breed it with a sour diesel male.i currently have f1 seeds and f2 seeds in the making.
but what I want to do is make feminized seeds now. could I do that with the f2 seeds by pollinating two females out the same batch?
what are the results likely to be?


Guy Cavallero

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Hey dude....welcome to the forum! I don't have a positive answer but I'm pretty sure my friend will..... Let's see if I can get him to chime in. @Jackalope, thoughts on this?


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You rang? Yep I can give a answer. May not be the right one but I can give a answer LMAO.
Actually the F-2 is a good place to look for great plants. Lots more variety usually comes from F-2's. You need to be selective here though. While there might be great plants here there also will be a few dud's. You can breed 2 of the best females. You just have to choose the right ones. The "Right one" would be better. By taking clones from the best plant and reversing 1 of them for pollen will give you a better percentage of plants you like. By crossing 2 different plants you will end up with more pheno's.
Your best bet is to grow out the F-2's a couple of times to find the best pheno. Then from there you can breed your female seeds from your favorite plant. This would give you a S-1 seeds. With a S-1 you should end up with about 50% of the pheno you want. The process would be easier with the F-1 seeds. What you find in the F-2 seeds might be vastly different. Vastly different could be a good thing or a bad thing.
One thing for all inexperienced breeders need to know. The farther you go from the original genetics with questionable breeding practices. The more you will muddy your genetics.
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