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Making hash using a grinder screen


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So this is my first guide and the reason I'm making this is because I was tired of the overly complicated ways to make hash and didn't possess any of the materials needed to make the hash. Anyways on to the guide, so here's what you'll need: A few grams of weed (I used about 3 in this), a grinder screen, something that the grinder screen can be fit into (I used a pill bottle), some tape, and an oven.

Ok first off take your weed
and grind it up pretty finely. Then take your grinder screen
and place it into something like this
, if you don't have anything that fits that nicely this is where the tape may come in handy, you can place the grinder over something a little smaller and tape it tightly on top of whatever you're using like this
. Okay now you need to shake your grinded up weed as hard as you can onto a flat surface (unless using something like I have, then you can just shake it wherever) for 10min, switching arms when needed
. When you're done you should have a mustard or yellow coloured powder built up, scrape the rest of it off of the grinder and into a pile (only scrape the kief off, not the green). It should look similar to this
. You can stop now if you'd like and just top off your bowls with some of the kief, or you can continue to refine it into hash. There are two methods you can do from here that are pretty easy, I used the oven method because it's cold as shit here in Michigan and I didn't want to walk around in the cold. Shoe method: Roll your kief into a cellophane very tightly, and tape it, then place it under your heel and walk atleast a half mile. By the time you're done it should be nice and firm, I would then roll it into a ball. Here's the other, lazier method, lol. Turn your oven to 350 degrees farenheit and fold your kief into a cellophane and tape it tightly, just like when making shoe hash
, then wrap some newsprint paper around it (I used sketch-book paper) and tape that also. Then run your contraption under some hot water when your oven is preheated and throw it in there for 10 minutes. Immediately after taking it out place it onto something that it can be pressed and rolled on
. Roll it slowly, putting as much pressure as you can on the package. Now we can put it into the fridge/freezer just long enough to let it harden up before we cut it open. Now you can roll your hash into a ball with your fingers like this
Enjoy! :)


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By the way, you can still smoke the weed after extracting the kief but it won't be near as potent, it's better to cook with it. I took my screen out awhile ago and have never been able to put it back in (I need a new grinder lol) so that's how I ended up figuring this out, it's much better than the panty-hose method in my opinion.


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Thanks Ambition, I know this is an older post but I like the simplicity and did find the post helpful. One question though. I see you used a bud. Will method work with shake and stems?
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