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Making stable e-liquid from cannabis extract


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Hey ShiggityFlip,
I was referred to your thread by the 1 and only amazing sweet sue. So I attempted to make a cannabis oil for vaping and it turned out very dark green and took about 3 hours. I'm pretty sure it doesn't even get you high haha but it was trim from VCDC. I just used 40ml USP PG with 5 grams of shake in a sealed mason jar sitting in warm water, stirring it every 15 mins. I didn't read anything in this thread describing how to properly use VG and PG with flower to extract THC/CBD for use with a vape pen through inhalation... how safe is this to do, and could you please tell me what I did wrong? I didn't have VG at the time I made it originally, but that was just a simple test run. I am obsessed with learning this trade now but I know pretty much nothing... I've researched for 3 days now and am seeking experienced help. My wife loves to vape and she also needs her MJ so I would really like to master this. Thanks
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