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male/female/hermie? pic included


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I'm at a week now into flowering...if its male I'll just kill it.

hermie should I just kill it also? I have 1 female plant for sure I don't want her to get pollinated since its my first grow...help



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Looks like a male


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It's a male. Also, males will not produce pollen that early, your female is safe.


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cool.....he's gone now

so now I'm just focusing on my female...
quick question though

the female is in 1 gallon buckets its over 1 ft tall now...I need to transplant ASAP..due to noticing a couple roots are coming out of the bottom of the bucket.

the crazy thing is I just watered her with kool bloom today.....I'm going to upgrade to a 3 gallon bucket...how soon can I transplant? wait until the soil is totally dry or just moist?


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its still growing nicely......on the male plant I noticed that the roots were making circles all the way around the pot

I'm sure my female looks similar since I planted them the same day.....so when transplanting into a bigger pot...should I just make a super big hole in my soil and drop it in the 3 gallon pot?

oh it was just bagseed.....of some ok green....so I definitely didn't want any seeds..

this is a great learning experience for me for my first grow


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wow....thats gonna be a tough task to spread those roots out I tell ya....the way the male roots looked almost intertwined (sp?)

Can I just try and loosen them up a little...because I know for sure that some roots will definitely break


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aiight gotcha...I'm gonna wait til the soil drys out a little...

i watered her about 5 hours ago... so I'll try my transplant later on tomorrow night before the lights go out.
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