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Male or female?

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A few clippings of red diesel...still don't know it's gender yet...
Do you?...12 and 12 for a week outdoors now...
soaked the whole time with rain..


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I might be wrong can't see it very well
Balls would not be mistaken mate, they would hang down like ours would lol. That's a growth node that you're seeing, no balls at all. As for the purple stems that could be a lack of calcium, phosphorous but is usually just genetics. The plant looks healthy enough if a little stretchy, nothing to be worried about at all I would think ;)
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I did a ph check too..it was over eight..what should I use and how to bring it down..I know about ph up and down..but not sure how or watt to do with watering. Are there links for e bay..also I need a ph reader that's easy to use..can someone point me in the right direction.? Thanx
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Bag seed ..lone red diesel seed..seed starter soil..something farms grow big....got eight with a rinky dink ph tester that was 6$..supposed to make a sample, then test it..I just stabbed down deep in the soil and it immediately registered over 8..then backed off to 7...I want an easy trusty one..it's been real wet so I figured it was accurate.
I suspect you're doing the testing incorrect. I believe you're supposed to remove a soil sample. Mix it with some water (the water you use) drain excess water after it sits a bit and test that water. I may be wrong though. I suspect you might not have an issue. Are plants showing any issues?

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I guess I'm lazy..I just want to stick the probe in and get a reading because I know it's important..the plant needs to show me it's gender first i guess...12 and 12 for a week outside in the rain...I had to bring it in for a day..I only have 2..one Indica(mk ultra) and red diesel...the Indica is a damned Bush that refuses to tell me it's sex..I think I have a good idea what to look for though...I'm learning and can't wait to move up to north cali to work on my friends farm..boss to be..indoor and outdoor facilities..GOD IS GOOD..
Is it a probe for ph and moister? You can switch it to the one you'd like to know?
If so you can really only count on the moister meter. For giggles I'll use my probe meter to check the ph and it's always something dumb like 8.5.

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I got suckered into one of those at the garden store. I can't even trust mine to reliably tell me the moisture. I only use it now if I need to help drainage in the soil.

I wouldn't stress anything unless your plants are showing they are unhappy. If they are happy then don't change anything!

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