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Male or female?


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Hey guys, first time growing a plant from seed, that just came out of some seedy pot we bought...I have three other confirmed females and want to confirm the sex as early as possible to avoid pollination of my other ladies. My gut is telling me our little seed is a lady so I haven't had the heart to pull her yet. Any help is appreciated! Thank you

Canna Montana

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It looks to early to tell right now. Do all of your plants have long more spacing like that one does?

What did you use to confirm that the others are female? I'd like to see those too, if you don't mind.

It's hard to believe 3/4 of the seeds are female if they came from bag seeds. Well, unless the plant was fertilized with feminized pollen, which has to be made by turning part of a female plant male, then pollenating itself or other nearby plants. I'm interested to see how all this turns out.


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Sorry - to clarify, the other 3 plants were purchased as plants and confirmed female before we bought them. This one is the only science experiment I have going from seed. It has been atleast 6 weeks from germination and no signs of any "balls"... The other plants look similar ish

This one seems super healthy and I keep trying to find the hairs, but I don't think we are there yet.

My biggest concern is saving my other plants as well; I don't want to figure out it is a male and have it be too late
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