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Male plant

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yeah i am growing at the moment outside in the bush. i have got about 10 plants to grow around 5,6,7,8 inches big.
im just wandering what do i have to do with male plants and how can i tell if they are male plantes?

females will show small hairs at the crux of the main stalk and the branches.males will display a small horn like protuberance in the same place.Hard to say how long these signs will take outdoors.The males should be completely bagged in plastic before you tear em up.And don't handle the girls at all that day...better safe than sorry.grow hard


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dont kill them... there just not as good as the girls... let them grow or something plant them in a park for fun lol (keep em seperate from ur females tho, u want sinsemilla)
well you cant really tell from seeds wether its male to female but i have heard like 1 our of 4 or 1 our of 6 but everyone else i have talked to its about 1 out of 2 so plant 10 expect 4-5-6 females sometimes you get shit luck and only get one female. its the luck of the draw unless you get feminized but even then they arent 100% guaranteed female