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Male Pre-flowers?


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Hey guys,
Are these male preflowers?
I just need a advised opinion since I am a noob, but after research it does fit the male characteristics, it's the tallest, and it showed sex a week before the other plant which is female.
If it is male, what should I do with it now, I don't have the heart to kill it, and I don't want it to get my lady pregnant either. Also how long do I have before it will start spreading its love onto my baby girl?

A little background info, they SHOULD be Lowryder AF, after my summer balcony grow, I ended up with 20 seeds. I don't know if they will be auto, they did show sex around day 30 which is unusual for a Lowryder, but so did the outside ones. I'm thinking to wait another 30 days and see if they autoflower, if not I will change the light schedule, from 18/6 to 12/12.
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To be honest it looks like you are getting lots of looks, but everything is so tiny yet I can't decide one way or the other. Keep a close eye on her/him and unless you have somewhere to grow it completely away from the rest of the girls(if it's male) you will have to make the final decision on culling it or maybe taking a little pollen and self administer a flower.

Cannafan has a grow right now in progress on doing just that.

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Too small to tell right now. Wait until you can actually tell. If it is a male it's not ready to pollinate anything or cause a threat yet, so don't trash them unless you're sure.
And if you're smart, you could just take them outside where they won't e a threat to your fems, and leet them grow and mature and harvest them later on, because they do still produce some thc that you can use for edible or hash. Not super potent, but why trash it if its not necessarily trash


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i also vote to soon to tell and do not worry you have quite a bit of time before they explode (if it is a male)
keeping it around depends on if you have room and resources or may want to breed
ahhh yes patience kills me too like presents under the tree arghhhh lol
good luck and take care :rollit:


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Update: I have found out for certain they aren't auto's. It's now day 39 of vegging and there's still no progress in terms of preflower growth, I doubt its going to be a female. The preflowers look different from the other female in grow room which already has a few pistils.
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been there :rip:
but on the bright side you do have a female also right?
she gets more attention now

when all else fails try try again :48:
take care and good luck
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