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Males or females? Help I just started flowering and it's my first grow.


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Hey guys, its been a while since my last post, but I have some great news. My plants are approximately six weeks old and they are doing great. I have seven plants out of eight that made it to maturity in my hydro system. I am a little perplexed however at the sex of the plants. I started flowering them with the 12 on and 12 off schedule and switched to my hps bulb. I have noticed that all of the plants have calyxes that have white hairs coming out of them. Does this mean that they are all female or is this supposed to happen before the plants show their sex. On one of these plants the calyx is actually raised (typically a male plant trait) but the other calyxes on the plant have white hairs. Any feedback is well appreciated.

Thanks a bunch!
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nope those little white hairs mean they are girls!! pictures? I would put up some pictures so we can confirm that before you get excited though.


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yeah, put up pictures of each so someone could confirm, then make sure to remove that male!
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