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Mama Mia Fem, Seedsman, In Soil Under 200W CFL Journal

Guerilla Monk

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Hi guys.

Im growing Seedsman Mama Mias in soil with organics. I have two phenos, The Green One , and The Pink One.

These two are actually flowering moms from which i took the cuttings off. And boy, im happy i did that. These moms will be perfect now to have them flowered, and see what they are all about. So when the cuttings go into flowering stage, i should know everything i need to get them through the cycle perfectly.


The Green pheno clones fantasticaly with no effort at all.
The Pink Pheno does not like to be cloned. Verry stubborn. Still waiting for the roots to show.

For now i only have pics from the Pink pheno (tho u cant actually see the pink - its forming mostly on calyxes inside the buds. Hoping to see that color burst through)

The pics are from week 2 of flowering to week 4 (current week)

Ill try to post some more pics of the green pheno and clones as well this evening.


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you are doing a great job with your cfl's. dont ever let anyone tell yas it cant be done with cfl's,,

i have been growing part of my flower room 100% cfls for several years now, with quite satisfactory results


that upper panel is raised up for foto purposes,, normally it sits right close to the plants,, an inch or so,, they can take it


this is my situation as of now,, truth be told, i would like to upgrade my lighting, and my growing in general,,

for now,, this is working well, and continuously improving as well

karma sent friend,, :goodjob:


Guerilla Monk

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thanks bro. i have a single 200w bloom bulb...i hear ur setup should provide even better results. its suppose to be better to have more smaller lights than a single source of light.

hopefully, ill get my hands on some LEDs untill xmass.

i have another pheno in there as well and its even more packed than this one. and i didnt think so at first, but i think it will be even more frosted than this one. we shall c. cca 1-2 weeks to go. cant wait! :D

tx for stoppin by. ;)


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one of the mamas indoor, and one of the outdoor trio came down... these are the results pre-dried. They are going in Low & Slow mode now... 14 days till testing.

Nice! Mama mia was the first plant I grew by myself all the way through and i must say she was a dream to grow and smoke. My buds had a slighty bluey/pink tinge to them but no where like your's. Ive kept the rest of the mama mia seeds i got for when i start breeding.

Guerilla Monk

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Yeah i agree on the growing, very sturdy, fast and strong. I have 6 different phenos of mamas, 2 of them i took clones off.

one is pink proned and smells reeeeeally fruity...ican smell some pineapple, maybe some berries in the background..., and the other is green, but makes bigger and tighter colas and the smell is more on the fuel/earthy side. for the next round, ill be doing 2 clones each. hope to see even better results now that i see whats shes all about. ;)

thanks for stopping by. ;)

Amadeus Forzin

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.



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all good tx ;) i have the second grow in progress...just went into flowering. 2nd gen. clones, will be updating in a few days, tx ;)
You harvested other mom? Cool there budding that's good. I am running T5 2ft 4 bulbs. Im going to veg with 6500k and flower with 2600k. That was the plan until few days ago. I hit the jack pot lol. Found a LED grow light panel. Advertise for 1500w but true watts 126w. For $7.99 can't beat that others cost $60- $100. I grabbed 3 of them. But there will always be a place in my heart for Cfl. But Im probably going to run the LED light. An sprout with T5s now. I like your grow looking for to checking out some more updates

Guerilla Monk

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Hey there J, tx for the kind words. I did harvested the second one but didnt get the chance to post pictures. It was a great smoke, didnt cure it properly, cause it was a small yeald. those plants were young mothers from which i took all the clones off...and by that ive cut down the main tops of the mothers. Got about 10g on each.

Their children are now thriving, i kept 2 of each. Im growin them in same conditions as previous grow, 200 cfl, cabinet grow.

Im doing scrog now. Ive spread them out nicely, and now waiting for buds to form.

About the plants:

First, lets call the pink pheno Pink, and green pheno Mr. Green.

Mr. Green 1 and 2 are both in an experiment. One is growing in soild with amendments, and the second one is growing also in soil, but heavily mixed with straw. The straw was brewing a bit before adding to soil, to wake up all the good microbes that will help processing the food for our beloved ones.

ive managed to make a quick pic...

more in the upcoming days. ;)


Guerilla Monk

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The second batch of mama mia clones are now in full flowering.

They are getting sea weed extract + bloom with calcium nutes, all organic. Have noticed and instant increase in trichs as soon as i started adding bloom with calcium...wonder if that had anything to do with it. Well have to check it on another grow. ;)

this batch is doing so much better than those two previous stripped mothers. previous mamas have had a rough start...but these clones now are getting much better conditions from the start, and the results are obviously better.

The trich coverage is really nice at this lvl (week 5 of flowering i think...), and its starting to smell quite strong. I hope for that bubble gum taste ive got with the previous batch.

well here they are now..after two weeks from last pic:


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