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Man Abandons Car Filled With Indian Hemp, Flees

Jim Finnel

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An unidentified man suspected to be a dealer in indian hemp is already on top of the list of wanted suspects in Osun State Police Command.

Crimelive gathered that the man on a trip along Ipetu-jesa-Akure road in his Opel Omega (Lagos AW 761 FST) suddenly ran into a team of Federal Highway Patrol at 10 pm last week.

As he sighted them from a distance,the desperate man increased his speed, making it absolutely impossible for a search on him and his car. But as fate would have it,some metres away, one of his tyres disappointed him.It burst.Thus,he was forced to a halt

The equally disappointed policemen then saw this opportunity and quickly ran after it. They ran to the spot.Their rapid response, however, was too late. The man had negotiated with his feet and took to his heels inside the bush.The policemen also jumped into the bush defying whatever danger that might be ahead. They chased him and combed the bush, but to no avail

Disappointed again, the policemen ran back to the car. In their search, they found about 34 bags containing indian hemp. Also found were the particulars of the vehicle which are now giving the police the needed clues to trace the owner of the vehicle.

Police sources told Crimelive that with the particulars of the car in their posession, arrest of the owner was a matterof time. "We discovered the names of the original owners of the car and the new owner. We are going to work on the names to get the owners. The two names are of Edo origin, but I wont reveal them now'', a source said.

Further investigation revealed that the Ilesa-Ipetu-Akure road has become a familiar terrain for Indian hemp carriers and traders, giving an indication that towns along that highway are fertile land for the cultivation of indian hemp.


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Source: Nigerian Tribune
Author: Tunde Busari
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