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Man Arrested for 'Grass in the Bushes'

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Mar 15th - 4:25pm

HAMPTON, Virginia (AP) - A man who tried to hide a small bag of marijuana just outside a courthouse door _ a common trick used for cell phones, which are not allowed inside _ was arrested and charged with distribution of the drug.

Security officer Carl Hornberger said he was working the courthouse metal detector when he told Ronald E. Hall Jr. to empty his pockets. Out tumbled Hall's cell phone and a half-ounce bag of marijuana.

"You can't bring that crap in here," Hornberger said.

Hall, 22, took the phone and the drugs and hid them in the bushes outside, then passed the security checkpoint and continued upstairs.

Hornberger summoned a police officer, who waited for Hall to return and watched as he retrieved the phone and the pot, Hampton Police Cpl. Allison Good told the Daily Press newspaper.

Man Arrested for 'Grass in the Bushes'

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
i actually did accidentally carry some smoke into a courthouse. i didn't know i had it until i was at the metal detector. it was in a baggie so i just left it in my pocket and knowing it wouldn't set any thing off and went on through. it was fun setting in there with cops & bailiff and the judge just a few feet away knowing my smoke was in my pocket.


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he is very retarded for doing that... why bring weed to courthouse.. i hope he gets jail time for doing such a idiot thing.. then tries to hide the weed in the bushes, while someone was watching him doing it.. LOL. he must not been a thinker...

Big dog

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I'm a lawyer -- and I used to prosecute misdemeanors. If I learned one thing, it's that, whatever else an accused person might be guilty of, he or she is most likely guilty of being criminally stupid. If he or she had thought half a minute, "dumb ass" wouldn't be in the position to get caught!
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