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Man Arrested For Smoking Medicinal Marijuana


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An Israeli man was recently arrested for possession of marijuana, although he has an official permit from the Health Ministry to use the drug for medicinal purposes.

Criminal charges were filed against him and, according to his testimony, he was "treated like a dangerous drug addict."

Guy, a 26-year-old residing in central Israel, has Tourette Syndrome, a neurological disorder characterized by the presence of multiple physical and vocal tics, and also suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). He has a 50 percent disability rating and receives a monthly allowance from social security.

At the age of 16, Guy tried smoking Marijuana and discovered that the drug helped ease his anxieties and enabled him to cope better with reality. In November 2006, following a long and exhausting process, he was the first person suffering from Tourette in Israel to be granted permission to use Marijuana to help treat his condition.

Last Friday, Guy and four other friends set out for a trip in the north, and camped on the banks of the Hatzbani River, where they spent the night. Early Saturday morning, policemen from Kiryat Shmona patrolling the area showed up at the camping site and raided the belongings of Guy and his friend, a search that led to the discovery of Guy's marijuana.

Guy presented the policemen his license, and explained to them that he was using the drug as a medicine. However, the policemen noted that according to the permit he was only allowed to use the drug indoors, and arrested him.

He was released after giving his statement at the police station and depositing a NIS 1,000 bail.

'Policeman didn't use his judgment'

Guy claimed that although the policemen were legally right in arresting him, they could have exercised better judgment and a little compassion in his case. "I expected the policeman to not act like a robot and use his judgment. I should also be allowed to take a vacation and go outside." He stressed that he never smoked marijuana in public or in the presence of children.

The police said in response, "According to the permit, he is only allowed to use the marijuana at home and under medical supervision. If a person holding such a permit goes on vacation, he should obtain another permit allowing him to use the drug outside his house.

"The person in question has allegedly committed a criminal offense, was detained, questioned and released on bail. The Israel police enforce the law on drug use anywhere and without bias."

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Source: Ynetnews (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Author: Roi Mandel
Contact: news@ynetnews.com
Copyright: 2007 Yedioth Internet
Website: Ynetnews

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I have yet to meet a cop in the middle east that uses his brain. They are notoriously zealous in their application of their interpretation of the law. Then of course you have to factor in the baksheesh factor, which can simplfy the law quite nicely.
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