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Man Asks Police To Return His Marijuana


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Shashon Jenkins is going to court to get his pot back.

Eighteen pounds worth.

Police seized the weed after arresting Jenkins in Santa Rosa, Calif., in October. But charges were dropped after Jenkins's lawyer convinced prosecutor the man was a medical marijuana user and caregiver.

A judge in Sonoma County ordered police to return the marijuana, but officer have refused.

While California voters approved pot use for medicinal reasons, the federal government doesn't recognize the exemption. Police contend they can't return the pot under federal law.

This has been a hot topic of debate in California.

A judge has ordered officers to court in March.

The judge has ordered officers to court to explain why they shouldn't be held in contempt.

Source: Channel3000.com
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only in cali would someone do that hhaha, i wish we could do that here i wish him luck, hopfully he can get his meds back!


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Well, I'm sure that others have tried to do that in other states. But CA is probably the only place he might actualy get it back.

Of course, if it got mislaid in the evidence locker (**cough** PBA picnic **cough**), it might not be exactly the same strain.


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The cops refusing to return it should be charged by a state or federal prosecutor. The judge made his ruling...this is not a police state, meaning cops hold no true authority, but are the enforcement of the laws as they are interpreted by the courts. The cops and departments involved should be arrested for failure to comply with a court order and felony burglary...it is bullshit that just because they are cops they get special treatment!

All involved should also be held accountable for any pain and suffering caused by their theft of this medicine...any patient that was not able to receive his/her medication is entitled to compensation for this wrong doing!


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Re: kickass

C.Earl said:
thank God for activists and activist judges. there may be hope yet!:smoke2:
This has nothing to do with activist or acyivist judges. It's the law period. if a state judge finds it was for med use then the patient is allowed to keep it.
Same scenerio happened up here in Shasta county a few years back. By the time the guy got his meds back, they were unusable. The police made sure that once it stopped being evidence, it stopped being smokeable. Full of mice turds and moldy as hell was what I heard it ended being like. Not even good hash material.
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DoctorDubs said:
The cops refusing to return it should be charged by a state or federal prosecutor.

Yeah man, or held in contempt by the judge. This doesn't make any sense to me. The enforcers must have decided they get to make the rules too

I hope one of our news hounds follows this case, I personally would love to read about what happened to the cops for refusing to comply
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