Man Freed After 17 Year Inprisonment For Smoking Marijuana

Jim Finnel

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HUNTSVILLE, Texas – A man sentenced to life in prison 17 years ago after smoking marijuana while on probation was set free Thursday.

Tyrone Brown walked out of prison and was met by relatives and journalists. His mother, Nora Brown, embraced her son as he broke into a wide smile, according to a report on The Dallas Morning News Web site.

"I didn't believe this day was going to come," he said.

Brown received a conditional pardon Friday from Gov. Rick Perry. He will have to live with his mother, report to a parole officer, find a job and work with a therapist.

Violating any of those terms will cause the conditional pardon to be revoked, a Perry spokesman said.

Brown was 17 when he went on probation for taking part in an armed robbery in which no one was hurt. Judge Keith Dean re-sentenced him to life after one positive drug test.

Brown's case stood in sharp contrast to that of a convicted murderer whom Dean put on probation. John Alexander Wood repeatedly tested positive for ******* and committed other violations, yet avoided prison. He even got permission to quit reporting to a probation officer and quit taking drug tests.

Neither man had a prior criminal history. The judge has never explained his actions.

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must be a pretty damn good feeling getting pardoned on a life sentence. i wonder how many people are in the system under similar circumstances and aren't being pardoned...
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