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Man Gets 12 Years And 10 Strokes Of The Rotan

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An assistant salesman who had borrowed the late Tun Ghafar Baba’s car and used it to carry cannabis, a drug, was sentenced to 12 years’ jail yesterday.
Court of Appeal judge Datuk Heliliah Mohd Yusof, who presided at the trial when she was a High Court judge, also ordered Mohammad Zamri Mohammad Noor, 37, to be given 10 strokes of the rotan.

He was found guilty of possessing 1,856 grams of cannabis at a car park beside the Perkim building in Jalan Ipoh here about 11.30pm on July 18, 2001.

The drug was found at the boot of the car, bearing the license number MG1, and it was registered in the name of Ghafar’s former wife, D. Heryati Abdul Rahim.

Zamri was initially charged with trafficking in the drug but at the end of the prosecution case Heliliah amended the charge to possession.
Zamri, a divorcee with a 12-year-old son, immediately pleaded guilty.

Eight witnesses including Heryati testified in the trial.

At court proceedings, it was revealed Zamri took the car while Ghafar’s driver, who was his friend, was sleeping, and police raided the car after it was parked. near the Perkim building.

Heliliah, who lectured Zamri for 20 minutes before sentencing him, said the court did not think that cannabis was a milder drug compared with *edit- the hardest drug you can imagine or others.

“A drug is a drug, be it ganja, *edit- the hardest drug you can imagine or designer drugs,” she said. “If it is not curbed it will cause harm to society and the country.”

She said human beings do make mistakes but they must be governed by the rules of their religion and laws of society.

“God give us a mind to think. Never mind if you have a Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia qualification. What is important is you must live within your means and abide by the rules of your religion and the laws of the country,” Heliliah said, adding that Zamri had taken the car of a well-known figure.

The judge noted that Zamri was a member of Organisation of Islamic Missionaries and Welfare Malaysia (Pekida), and said he should not have behaved in such manner to gain supplementary income.

As to the whipping, Heliliah said it would be a painful experience which Zamri had to bear and it would leave him scared for life.

“Ten strokes is the minimum I can impose under the law,” she said.

In ordering the jail term to begin from the date of arrest, Heliliah hoped Zamri would use the time in jail to ponder about his future and correct himself.

Earlier counsel Hanif Hashim in mitigation said Zamri was asthmatic and had to have an inhaler with him always.

DPP B. Sarala Pillai said although Zamri had pleaded guilty it was not necessary for the court to give a lighter sentence.

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Being whipped by a bamboo ratan is desperately painful and usually results in deep and bleeding welts. Malaysia is very brutal in it's punishment for drug offences, and the death penalty still applies for trafficking.
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