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Man Grew Marijuana Plants In Yard


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Police on Tuesday arrested a man who they said was growing marijuana plants in plain sight in his backyard.

Thomas Merrick is charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a church, possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana and cultivating marijuana.

According to Key West police, a neighbor complained that Merrick, 67, was growing marijuana outside of his house on Washington Street. Without entering the property, police said, Officer Brian Leahy could see the marijuana plants growing in the yard.

Police said that when officers asked Merrick, who was in his yard, if he was growing any illegal plants, he asked if they had a warrant, but later told them not to bother when they said they would return with one.

"There's no need for that," Merrick allegedly told officers. "I have marijuana plants in the yard. There are only a few plants and I use them for personal use only."

Police said 24 marijuana plants were seized from the yard. In addition, more than 100 grams of bagged marijuana was seized from Merrick's house with his consent, police said.

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I wish neighbor be quite and shut up leave him alone and they call cops?
Thomas Merrick did not bother anyone near him.
He is not a violence and he is a innocent person to me.
Neighbor stop whinnening like a big baby.
Leave him alone and mine your own business.
Stop calling cops!


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Does Thomas Merrick have a Physicians recommendation? We need to remember the Law is the law. More info needed to make accurate assessment.


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Fuck its just a plant i always wonder what police officers do with the herb do they BURN it do they through it in the trach or do they SMOKE IT ever wonder about that.this navers are just bored with there lil life mybe they should take a trip to nerver land peace:allgood: :peace: :smoke2:


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Thats it, I'm calling the cops on my neighbor for growing azaleas!


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If I called all my neighbors in for drunk driving I wouldn't have any left, but they seem to love to call me in for Fireworks...it seems about time I start calling the police too. I hate to see squad cars in my neighborhood though it scares the shit out of me. I am afraid of EVERY single person with a badge. Any college kids know any of the criminal justice majors? Don't become friends with them, they seem to know the police phone number off the top of their head and call them when they see drugs...
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