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Man Hides Pot Between Buttocks, Charged With Obstruction


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A Sandusky man was charged with possession of marijuana Tuesday after hiding the drug between his buttocks.

At about 10:30 a.m., a Perkins Township Police officer observed a vehicle stopped in front of the 2700 block of Tremper Avenue. The officer followed the vehicle to the 200 block of Perkins Avenue and then pulled the 48-year-old driver over after seeing the license plate was expired.

The officer found the driver to be very nervous and shaking inside the vehicle, which she attributed to "consuming a lot of coffee" and taking a Benadryl tablet, the police report said.

While the officer searched the car, passenger Cameron A. Harris, 19, of the 2700 block of Tremper Avenue, exited the vehicle. After finding nothing inside the vehicle, the officer said he overheard Harris tell the driver he placed a quarter ounce of marijuana in between his buttocks.

The officer questioned Harris about the presence of marijuana on him and he confirmed his previous statement. Upon the officer's request, Harris removed the drug and turned it over for evidence, according to the report. Two more baggies were discovered on the ground near Harris and seized for evidence.

Harris was charged with drug possession and obstructing official business.

According to Lt. Al Matthews at the Perkins Township Police Department, finding drugs hidden in people's bodies is not uncommon.

"It happens quite frequently," he said, adding that on average the department will see one to two such cases per year.

Offenders will often hide drugs in their shoes and in sewn pockets in their underwear, Matthews said. Women often hide drugs in their bras and most commonly, drugs are hidden in the genital area.

"If they're heavily overweight," Matthews added. "Their love handles."

Officers are instructed about such hiding places when they are in police academy, Matthews said.

"But there's nothing like the first time experience right in the street," he said.

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I would have made that little piggy dig it out of my butt...


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the kid didn't know enough to keep quiet and take the ticket...and respectfully walk away wasn't ohio a decrim state once upon a time?
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