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Man I got the deal of the century


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Great deals are just that Great! With all the new growers out there. There are going to be more and more great deals out there. It is not that they didn't work in most cases. When you start small most people will want to upgrade. Even those of us with full sized grows want to expand or upgrade stuff. I have lots of stuff I no longer use because I have a upgraded model. Going to have a bunch of extra lights if I ever go LED LOL.

Won't be long before all this great stuff will be on ebay or some other site for grow equipment.


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Picked up two tents a 8x4 and a 4x2, fully equipped with lights and vent fans with filters. Hydrophobic systems for both, full working systems. Got it all, every bit, for $300. Yeah, I know, over $2000 worth of equipment. I am excited. I got a idea for a cross I want to do. This is going to allow me to do it.
Score my friend, even if you didn’t use it and just turned around and resold it for over double, you’d still be way ahead of the game
Fuck yeah mate sounds awesome. You grown before or are you the luckiest virgin of all time lol.
Started back here in Newton Co Arkansas in the 70’s. Don’t know if you know about this place but for about 15 years straight High Times would pick it as the best weed in the world. But have moved inside now. I just got back into it a few years ago. My story is this, I spent years doing service for the public. I had a couple divorces and really never got ahead. I finally said, hey I’m a little older, know all the right people and I am tired of not getting ahead. That’s about all I will say about that. Don’t want to break board policy.

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congratz cuz. good times aye
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