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Man Sells Ton of Pot Through Restaurant

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PITTSBURGH - A Jamaican man living in Pennsylvania was sentenced to 10
years in prison and faces deportation for using a Caribbean restaurant
to sell more than a ton a marijuana, sometimes in takeout containers.

Herbert Heath, 41, of Monroeville, was sentenced Thursday for his
October guilty pleas to drug conspiracy, money laundering and
immigration charges.

Heath's attorneys, federal public defender Crystina Kowalczyk and
Florida lawyer Martin Roth, did not return phone calls for comment after
business hours on Thursday.

Federal prosecutors said Heath, who had twice been deported for gun and
drug charges, used a false name to move to western Pennsylvania in the
late 1990s, where he began selling marijuana out of a restaurant in
suburban Pittsburgh. Federal prosecutors estimated he and his
accomplices sold a ton of the drug between 1997 and 2002.

Prosecutors said Heath also wired drug money back home to Jamaica.

The Associated Press Thursday, January 15, 2004; 10:20 PM