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Man Who Disguised Broccoli As Marijuana Sentenced After Shooting Unhappy Buyers

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A Colorado man, who shot a pair of would-be pot purchasers who became upset when they realized they'd been duped with a bag of broccoli, was sentenced to 16 years in prison last week.

Sababu Colbert-Evans, 26, of Aurora, Colo. was sentenced on July 21, according to Fox 31 Denver. Colbert-Evans was found guilty in May of first-degree attempted murder.

“This may be the first time that broccoli has been bad for someone’s health,” District Attorney George Brauchler said. “ And no matter the reason, anyone who is convicted of trying to murder someone in our community will go to prison.”

In March, Tercell Davis, whose nickname is 22 Jump Street, completed a marijuana sale with two buyers for $10,000, the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office said.

But Davis duped the men and sold them a bag of broccoli. The two buyers did not acknowledge they were tricked until they left.

The two duped purchasers decided to set up another drug deal using different names in order to confront Davis and get their money back.

Davis, along with Colbert-Evans, met the two men at a parking lot in the Town Center of Aurora. The men got into an argument before Colbert-Evans and Davis fired 11 shots at the two purchasers. One of them was pierced by a bullet in the torso but has since recovered.

Davis pleaded guilty to second-degree attempted murder and is slated to be sentenced on Aug. 7.

Besides his first-degree attempted murder charge, Colbert-Evans had also been “found guilty of second-degree attempted murder, distributing an imitation controlled substance, conspiracy to distribute an imitation controlled substance and reckless endangerment,” according to Fox 31 Denver. He will serve the sentenced time concurrently.

“The defendant’s decision to open fire in the mall parking lot during business hours could easily have seriously injured or killed people arriving at or departing from the mall — which included adults and children,” Deputy District Attorney Michael Mauro said.

“The verdict and sentence in this case represent a just outcome.”

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Surreal - on many levels. In what universe does $10,000 worth of cannabis look like any amount of broccoli? I've heard of stupid teenagers buying oregano that they thought was... ground cannabis leaf, maybe, IDK. I always thought those were urban legends about people who'd never had - or grown up in a house that had - a spice rack in the kitchen. Or, for that matter, never knew that cannabis was supposed to get a person high

It's been years (decades, technically) since I bought any weight - and nothing like $10K - but I bought $20 worth several months ago. And I made sure to sample that first. A new (cheap) restaurant came to town a couple years ago, and I walked in and asked for a sample there (it was awesome and, yes, I returned an hour later and purchased dinner for two) - because I don't like to waste my money. With no offense intended to any mentally challenged individuals who might be reading this, but HtH did a couple of retarded halfwits come up with $10,000, lol?

Finally, in what universe would something like this have happened and led to a situation where the err... produce dealer was the one doing the shooting, lol? And who fires off 11 rounds and hits someone... once?

I guess they do things a little differently in the big city.

Anyway, I'm glad the two (I assume) kids are all right. From what I just read of their intelligence and general capabilities, they'll probably go on to be politicians :icon_roll .

<LAUGHING> I heard that, back in the 1970s, someone suggested the above storyline to Cheech & Chong for their next movie. Cheech said, "Who'd believe that, man?" And Chong added, "Yeah, man. Dog sh!t maybe - but broccoli?" :11: