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Manager Of Vanier Cannabis Lounge 'BuzzOn' Announces Closure

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The manager of a controversial cannabis lounge on Montreal Road says the lounge is now closed.

BuzzOn allowed people to smoke marijuana on site, though it did not dispense the drug, and did not allow customers to deal drugs.

It had been shut down by the City of Ottawa over building code violations in 2015, before reopening in October.

But in a Facebook post to friends, obtained by CFRA, manager Wayne Robillard said Sunday the lounge was closing due to "a number of factors" with the most significant being "the threat of the new 'Smoke Free Ontario' amendments intent on shutting down lounges."

New changes to the Smoke Free Ontario Act treat medical marijuana and vapourizers the same as cigarettes under the law, banning them in enclosed public places, workplaces, and schools.

Ontario's Bill 178 was given royal assent on June 9th.

The City of Ottawa's Board of Health also recently approved a motion to add similar restrictions to the City by-laws on smoking, including banning hookahs and waterpipes in the same places cigarettes are banned.

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