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Mandala seeds / info please


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I've grown Hashberry... easy plant to grow.. very vigirous..... big fan leaves, and *very* dense buds covered in red hairs.. Smelled sweet, with a bit of pungency to it... decent yield under less than perfect conditions, but the high was nothing spectacular.. A nice daytime or - just after dinner smoke...

Good beginner strain I'd say... and they make nice breeding plants...



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ive grown white satin...this strain is pretty much a wannabe white widow/sugarloaf plant....it gets pretty well covered in trichs but the potency of the plant is like madamecrash said, is nothing spectacular...ive grown a couple mandala strains including white satin, their safari mix..and the satori..their genetics are a bit better then nirvanas..overall mandala seeds produce some pretty good cannibas..just not for the connisuer


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They are growing well, there short, stocky, and fast. And claim to have a higher heat resistance so thats a plus for some. :peace:
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