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Mandatory state testing


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So my wife and I have been smokers for years. Many years. She got pregnant, yes planned, about ten month ago. Like the wonderful woman she is, she quit doing everything: alcohol, caffeine, smoking, and toking. Every once in a while she'd take a hit cause she loves it and it would help the nausea and such. We had a little problem close to the end and ended up admitted to a hospital. Little did we know that there was a state law that requires every hospital in Arizona to submit mother and baby to drug testing. Guess who got popped? Needless to say we have doing UAs for about a month and a half. Hoping that it will end soon, but they just keep dragging it out. I guess we should count our blessings that they didn't take our precious baby.

The real crappy part is being treated like we are unfit parents. I have a son from a previous and have been an excellent father to him and my wife has been a great step mother. It sucks that we get treated like every other ***** head out there who is really endangering their child. It sucks that women can drink lots of alcohol and smoke the hell out of cigarettes when they're pregnant and that's just frowned upon, yet we're bad parents. I would love to tell them to go blow smoke up their ass, but there is no winning with the government.

I wish I would have known about the mandatory testing ahead of time. It would have saved us a HUGE headache. Hopefully someone out there will read this and protect themselves.
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yea. good old AZ where a gram of herb is a felony, "dangerous drug"

Mom has told me on more than on occasion that she couldn't have gotten through having kids if it weren't for herb.


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First off congrtats on your baby.Second you guys arent monsters or *****heads,its a shame people arent educated about cannabis.Sorry about what happened and good luck with all that life throws at you.:peace:
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The latest 30 year study in Jamaica done by a renowned scientist and doctor concluded that at one month old babies of mothers that used ganja regularly had healthier, more attentive babies then those who did not.

Furthermore, there were no side effects on the mother or the child in any of the test subjects.

Rest assured, you and the baby are gonna be fine.

Here is a link to that study. There is a video here on the site I think.

Prenatal Marijuana Exposure and Neonatal Outcomes in Jamaica: An Ethnographic Study
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