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manganese deficiency


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Hi All,

?can someone give me some guidance for a MN deficiency?

cab grow
FFOF soil
250w MH & HPS - 4 CFLs on side in 'Y's(2@27k&2@65K) (not both MH&HPS at same time)
fem auto dwarf- Sativa/Indica
tap water mid 6's-digital (N.East Tap water...hard water)
runoff low to mid 6's
soil mid 6's
6 wks into grow
Dyna Gro nutes- just started 'GROW' nutes after 4+ wks w/o any nutes in FFOF (follow Dyna gro chart)

No pests etc...

Not over watered

Temps in high 70's

RH approx. mid 40's +

Smart Pots 3 gal


Plant is blooming

I have been adding 1/4 tsp epsoms to my water. Tap water sits for over 48hrs.

Nutes were 1/4 strength: Gro, Pro Tekt & Mag/Cal

From the pics on the abuse guide it looks like Manganese deficiency to me. Does NOT look like nute burn. I know to wait at least 4 wks with FFOF. Plant still looks strong.

Just flushed.

?How can I correct a MN deficiency? or better avoid a MN def?

Thanks in advance....
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That's kind of an uncommon thing to hit, are you able to upload a pic of the plant? I suspect it might be salts from the tap water built up in your soil causing the problem/lockout/whatever.


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After reading multiple threads I am guessing that my water is the issue...and prob has been in my previous grows. TOO hard North East water.

I bought some pure RO water from _ARGET today. I know not perfect but best I can do at this time. Flushed again with a couple gallons.

Runoff water was PH-ed at 6.5 steady
Soil was just a hair higher maybe 6.6-6.7...both digital

Mixed up a new batch of the _ARGET pure Ro water: followed the Dyna Gro chart for soil: Grow, Pro-Tekt, Mag Pro. 2nd week on chart but really 6th week in my smart pots. PH-ed at 6.3

FFOF soil with perlite and dolomite mix.

?any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

I plan on watering again tomorrow


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Hopefully that was it, gonna have to just wait and see what happens...might want to let the pots dry out a bit in between waterings.


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...yeah I agree with the drying out thing. I do let them go at least 4 days between watering now with the pots I have. I let her get lite in weight. I just think now that the plant will need some nutes. Some of the lower leaves look worse now then 2 days ago. The upper leaves around the colas still look healthy a green. Prob ran at least 6-7 gallons thru her to flush. My first SCROG so alittle harder to flush in the cab. But I did think ahead that I prob would have to flush at some point. Pot sits in a plastic rectangular container that allows me to easily flush and then drain the water from the container.


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Flushing does cause a wee bit of stress and what looks worse probably mostly has to do with what was already wrong. Give it good ventilation and just wait a couple days to see if what you did helped or not. Autos don't usually need alot of nutes by in large but if you are worried try foliar feeding a real light solution 'till the pot dries out some.
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