Mangosnapper's - DWC - Arjan's Haze #1 Grow Journal 2013

Some pictures of the plant after I removed the tomato cage. And now... after letting the plant the plant recover somewhat. I re-tied some of the branches to maximize idea bud sites. And plucked a few leaves that had nutrient discolor and open up some spaces for canopy light.


:hmmmm: - I know the plant looks like a classic tall sailing ship with all the strings going up and down. But it was the only way to keep it
under tight control. Hawaiian grows so tall and thin until the end. And I just simply don't have the room for it to be " Au Natural " and it makes for work than normal, compared to a Indica strain. But the extra work here and there allow you to physically work with the plant reducing the factor of " patient " over-watering etc. etc.
- that being said, " I really enjoy growing sativas and Haze strains." and the cerebral couch lock capabilities. - :Namaste:
- well I cleaned up my little Hawaiian girl and she is soaking up the new found light with joy. And I squared off the tie downs to make them more even for flowering. And I just watered with pure bottled water for this particular feeding. Since I manipulated so many aspects to the plant ( lst, trimmed, etc. ) I wanted her to just relax and drink up some water. I'll feed her probably with an EC 1.8 at next feeding.

Note: the meristem on this plant is just getting thicker and thicker by the day it seems. I have never had such growth at this stage before.
the reason may be the ( voodoo juice ) I have been using for the roots. This is the first time I tried it, so we'll see in the future grows if this is the case. If it is..." I would strongly suggest never growing again without it. "'s some of the latest pics of " Pearl " :idea:

Those sativa leaves look so yummy. :yummy: I was hoping my Trainwreck would have more of a sativa appearance, but she looks like a mutated, fat-leaved indi. :rollingeyes:

Looking forward to your next update :thumb:

Thank You Dresney, I'll have to admit I am rather fond of sativa leafs over indica. When I first started growing, I exclusively picked indica strains because of the shorter flowering cycle. And I read how some other growers were talking up " Haze " as their personal fav's
And a preference for sativas in general, so I jumped right in there and started growing them myself. Moral of the story : The satisfaction you get from growing sativa comes back to you in so many ways. ~ And now my friend, I am passing this on to you. Grow you some special sativa and enjoy the experience for yourself. ~~~~ :green_heart:
I tied down any remaining branches and cleaned up the plant for maximum air and light penetration. And I switched over to the 12/12 light cycle. Today I also switched to bloom/flower feeding schedule. Here are some final pictures of "Miss Pearl's" last day of Vegetation.
~ She has been such a joy to grow so far, not a single problem she gave me... looking forward to great things with her. :yahoo:

Wooo for 12/12! :cheer: Can't wait to see how she buds. I think we're in for a real treat.

That's a ferocious looking guard dog you have there :laughtwo:

~ if the size of the stem is any indication of how the Colitas turn out, it should be amazing. All the non-useful parts of the plant have been removed. The bud sites are individually set in place. The grow room environment is near perfect, and harmonious with the weather outside. And most importantly, the plant never had any stress issues or nutrient deficiency's during Veg cycle for a smoother transition.
And the stem is the thickest I have ever grown at this stage. " Pearl "...from a Princess to a Queen. :high-five:

:ganjamon: ~ Bad Dog Jack ... my grow puppy. He protects the plants at night. must work, never had any problems.~ :ganjamon:

~ Hey Dresney...and everyone else out there in the gardens of love and wellness. ~

First off, I would like to wish everyone a happy turkey day!!!... and well wishes for my friend, Mcloadie. who is having some rough times right now. I am thinking about you brother. - peace

OK... this is the latest update on " Pearl "...I had tremendous growth rates that kinda overwhelmed me a little bit. I had to prune the plant more than I cared to, but I had to take control now. So I wouldn't lose it when the buds started to mature. Because like I always tell people..anyone can grow weed, it's not that hard. But everybody can't grow hard tite colita's with high THC... the only way your ever going to do it. Is to learn as much as you can, surround yourself with the best possible support group ( 420 Magazine ) and lastly...just grow. You have to get a few crop harvest under your belt. And after you get about 5 or 6 , you will find it is a lot easier than ever, and you do hardly anything to the plant...Keep your big Mitts off her. >>> here's the latest pics, I have her trained for growing buds, and the pistoles are starting to form and when looking through a loop, they're thc covered already...yummy, and the size of the stem is very hard and thick...

~ At first look the plant might look a little spindly or bare. But none the less this is a typical true Sativa. The bud formations are just now starting to form. I was very careful when switching to flower with all that is involved because of late vegetation pruning and LST tying down and such. Once I had some day's under my belt for re-cooping the energy that was used for that. I increased the flower formula in Nute's
with also, an emphasis on feed, water, water, feed and just adding B-vitamins and micro elements to the water. I feel it slowed down the preflowering a bit. But the stress put on the plant was minimal at best, and she appreciated that. And also, I am fighting cold temps at night. So that might have slowed it a bit some. But the smell of the plant is strong and pungent and massive...wowzer!!!

:Namaste: Happy Thanksgiving... My fellow green goddess growers. I hope this letter finds everyone right where they want to be, or somewhere close... I respect all who toil here. and I would like to say, "Thank You." all the people who assisted me and instilled in me the need to pay it forward, and tell someone else what I have learned. It makes ones heart feel good about the love that is shared on these forum's, everyone wants everyone to succeed and have the very best grow. :amen:
Just lovely! :bravo:

I think sativas are so dainty and elegant looking. I'd say they're the ballerinas of MJ.

How tall do you think she'll be in the end?

Ballerinas... that's a new one, but I like it. With sativas they scare the heck out of you when you first switch to Flowering...
One because, they really have their own schedule for starting the bloom and dev. bud sites. I was relieved when the Pistoles started to emerge. Now, the scary part is how much is it going to stretch? And this one is doing it a bit more than I would like. I am tying down and re-routing branches here and there. This plant I have to say, is growing faster and stronger then any plant I have grown before. So, I would be re-missed if I didn't say..." I am just trying to keep up with this girl...seriously " the damn thing just keeps on expanding. I have pruned branches off the plant, and trimmed sun leaves for almost an ounce of shake already... not a bad predicament I must say :)
Beautiful plant sir, Happy Thanksgiving!

:peacetwo: Thank you dank<3 ...Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend... I been wanting to go over to your grow journal for the three strains grow. I hope all is well with them, I'll go check it out and get subb'd in....
" Thank you very much Dresney. Glad ti have you aboard. I am going to make this a special grow. This plant is going to be a monster."

... :thumb:

:slide: ~ Dres... look at the date of this original post ( 10/20/2013 ) I just knew this plant was going to be a monster. And now, the darn thing is making me a ~ I am very excited and chomping at the bit to see where she ends up filling out too... :morenutes:
~ well, I have trimmed and tied "Pearl" so many times to keep her compact enough to stay under the lights. And the white hairs of love are really starting to come out. So it's giving me an idea of what to expect, well not quite just yet. But very minimal problems encountered so far. The overall health of the plant is perfect. and the environment is optimal, the weather outside is working with me as well. The plant is growing into the light now, more tying...

- I have the branches circling the plant inside. And shoots coming up from the bottom that go straight up, when the colas get heavy on them I am going to tie them to yo-yo's from the grid ceiling I have set up. (hopefully)
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