Mangosnapper's - DWC - Arjan's Haze #1 Grow Journal 2013

- week eight flower... buds are starting to get dense and hard. ..after adding more Nitrogen to the feed schedule, the stems and stalks purple color is fading back to green quite nicely. Starting to tie the colas up now, the weight was pulling down the branches, other than that...nothing out of the norm. - :morenutes: :hookah:

~ well I woke up this morning, and went to turn my HPS light on " Big Puna Pearl "...and to my shock and amazement, the plant was looking like something punched all over pretty bad...Needless to say I freaked out!!!!, but it was just her Cola's weight on her branches and she was sagging and drooping and looking like a jigsaw puzzle with a couple of pieces gone.... :thedoubletake:

So, I broke out my butchers twine and started to making bows everywhere...she's all happy now !!! :yahoo:

- oh, this is week number 9 in flower, only 5 or 6 weeks till harvest. I flushed her on Jan. 1st, in another 4 day's I will be flushing her again
then I will again at the end of the month. After the last flush, there has been a noticeable amount of more oil production, from the THC crystals on top. To the amount of dank smell coming off her now. She's pretty pungent that wicked wahine. :passitleft::trance::phew:
wow that's some long flowering times
Happy Freeweed day Mango looking nice and big there Chronic Weekend to you :thumb:
wow that's some long flowering times
Happy Freeweed day Mango looking nice and big there Chronic Weekend to you :thumb:

Happy Weedend to you too Cronic ... Yes, this strain calls for 12 to 14 week flower cycle, on ideal conditions. And I haven't had not one issue with this girl all grow season... knock on wood!!!
I closely monitor the tric's and all other aspects of tell tell signs, letting me know when it's time to pull her. And all the tric's are crystal clear. No ambering or nothing. It's a little tough waiting this extra time, and she's got like this oil film all over her buds, that smells dank like a tank...can't wait for the first good smoke off this one...:lot-o-toke:
Dank like a tank... :laughtwo: I like that one.

She is really filling out beautifully.

It's been really nice to see her through the whole journey.

Have some reps, Mango :bravo:

:thanks: Thanks Dres... it's been nice coming through the holiday's, and seeing quite a few farmers of the golden tree, Baristas of Blooming Buds, majestic titans of THC and assorted other practitioners of Pot. :smokin: seriously , it's been a great season watching more and more new growers ( yourself included ) growing some awesome plants. I love 420magazine and being able to watch and interact with each other, and to see how the best grow masters around will jump in and help the freshest newbie on the block. I just love it, a close knit family, that's dank like a tank :rofl: ... Reps to you Dres... you would win the award for most busy during a grow
with the grow, and construction... watch out for her, the force is strong in this one...:ganjamon:
:Namaste: it seems like forever since I posted anything... well, I noticed some of the clear trich's turning milky, So that means harvest is right around the corner.
I flushed the plant with pure water and mixed some nutes real weak to just give her some overdrive this last meal. She has moved to death row... and is being prep'ed.... Just kidding, Big Puna Pearl has done me proud... Can't wait for finished product. ~ Smoke ~ :bigtoke:

~ Aloha my friends :party: ~

Well it has come to the much anticipated time in every growers calender... Harvest Time !!!... oh, yeah. them oily soaked, trich'd out banshee bedazzled budz of freedom, medical and joy... :smokin:

'cuze me, just smoked some finger hash... i can't feel my face :loopy: ~~~ My friends, the " Harvest "

Grats on your harvest, Mango!

Looking forward to a smoke report :)

What an exciting time!

Thank you Dres.... this plant is so juicy and well... How would you like a nice Hawaiian punch!!!!!!!.... Powie - Wowie!!!!! can't wait for a proper dry and cure.... I'll most deff keep yoo posted :rollit:
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