Mangosnapper's - DWC - Arjan's Haze #1 Grow Journal 2013

Happy Munchday and Gratz on the Harvest Mango :thumb:

Hey back at ya' buddy!!! :ganjamon:

It was a good harvest Cronic... total wet weight of 2.8 pounds of wet branches and stems and everything... I could only wish it would stay that way...however, the buds are big, dense and the calyx to leaf ratio is superb... and from testing so far, " Big Puna Pearl" is one wicked wahine... more to come from this lil' Hawaiian delicacy ... stay safe bruh :Namaste:
:Namaste: Hempy Valentines Day...everyone !!!!

Well, here is the final bud report for " Big Puna Pearl " Hawaiian Goddess of Ganja...

After harvesting a weight of 2.5 pounds of stick, stems and a rake ( all the wet mass )
after drying and curing...the total dry weight of bodacious buds and sticky icky... 7.8 ounces of ready to smoke and toke ( maybe a ounce or more counting bi-products etc. etc. )

The buds all dried evenly and are dense and tight ( really nugged up good) for a beautiful presentation. After curing the Trich's still looked fresh and abundant. The aroma mellowed to a earthy skunkish organic smell, that is nice, but not the very best I have smelled before.

The burn is evenly and complete. I have done two types of curing -- traditional and cryogenic. The traditional way has a nice draw and some expansion in the lungs after, with a woody, citric and peppermint after taste that slightly lingers on the pallet.

the cryogenic curing process --- OMG!!!! this is really the best way for this strain. It produces a smoothness and explosiveness in the way this Hawaiian beauty slams into you is intense. By far the very best way to enjoy your fruits of labor...Like a glass of sweet tea, on a hot summers day... and IMO, the buzz is sustained much longer, and the weed last and stays fresher longer.

:passitleft::ciao::passitleft: ~~~ And the Smoke ~~~~ My friends, your harvest and ultimately the quality of your buds...will only be as good as your weakest link in your grow cycle. That being said, I know if I would have had better lighting, and certain fert's and what-nots, I could've had the ultimate smoke this grow... However, this smoke is strong Mojo. I just use my lil pipe know those lil 3 or 4 hit personal's? well, one pinch of bud is it. A little dab will definitely do you solid. what starts out as a cerebral trippy high...leads into a narcotic body high that last a couple of hours or more depending what your doing. I wouldn't advise operating any equipment after smoking this Lotus of Love. I have even smoked some and then went to sleep, pretty hard to do for a Sativa. The pain relief factor is good

FOR A SATIVA... this is one step away from making you couch locked. Moderation is a very real key if you have plans with this stuff.
I would recommend this strain to anyone. however, I do believe that it is more suited to the experienced grower. Due to it's long flowering times ( 14 weeks ) and finicky eating habits of a true sativa. But the xtra time and hard work pay off big time. This is clearly one of the better herbs in Vegas right now...and it's all mine :roorrip: :yahoo:

potency... 8
quality ... 10
weight ... 10
ease of grow ... 4
High ...10
referral ... 10

this plant wants to grow strong and long, if given the proper light and space under optimal growing conditions. This plant could produce 3/4 to a pound of product with little xtra time and work.

And now my friends... This Journal is done. Thank you each and everyone for coming along on this wonderful vacation of wonder with me. God Bless you always... mango :Namaste:
I 'll take some pictures and post them tomorrow, when I have better light.... :ganjamon:
Hey Chronic!!!

Happy Foggy Friday !!! --- growing some killer indica bra... Mangosnapper's - Cheese - Organic Soil - Indoor - 2014

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