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Many conditions - Main concern is a concussion


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Yeah Hi,
I have PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, depression, panic attacks, fibromyalgia, asthma, and painful arthiritis. I usually use Indica's to treat these things, occasionally hybrids.

Right now I have a Sativa called Viper, and an Indica dominant called Chemo to chose from, but I have access to medical dispenseries with more straings.

3 weeks ago I got a severe concussion in a kickboxing fight, and my MMA coach told me that I should smoke a lot of weed and try to get some CBD tincuture(which I have to order by mail so I have to wait a week for that).

My question is, given all my problems, and keeping in mind recovering properly from the concussion is the most important issue at this immediate time, what should I be smoking?

I have nabilone I am using until the CBD oil gets here, but which strains should I be smoking? either of the two i have are good or should I go shopping for something more appropriate. I should mention strains with more than 4% cbd tend to make me anxious, and while I don't need high THC content, it's certainly enjoyable and I do like it.

So, of the two strains I have, which should I smoke, and if they aren't good enough, I can go in 3 days when I get paid and get different strains. I live in Toronto so there is like 50 stores each carrying about a dozen strains, there is a wide selection so if you give me some guidelines as to what to look for, it would be helpful.

Indicas and Indica Dominants have always worked for me, but now I'm looking for concussion recovery help and I don't have the oppertunity to experiment with what will work because every minute i'm not treating it properly is a minute it heals less well.
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