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Many Nevadans Prepare To Apply For Medical Marijuana Business Licenses

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Medical marijuana dispensaries are coming to the Silver State soon, and many potential business owners who want to grow and sell medical marijuana have been waiting for the upcoming application process. The Elements Cannabis Center in northwest Reno does screenings for medical marijuana cards, and they sell cannabis-based substance that gives you the benefits of marijuana without the buzz. On Wednesday, they hosted an informational meeting on different topics, including how to deal with medical marijuana legally.

"Right now, we're at a standstill process," said Shane Smith, Founder of the Elements Cannabis Center. "We're about a week or two away from actually submitting the applications to the state." The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services will be looking at a number of factors in their selection process, from how they would handle marijuana to specific business practices. "Up here in the north, the local governments are waiting to get a list of essentially approving people or get a rank list by the state who meets all the qualifications," said Peter Krueger of the Nevada Medical Marijuana Association.

The state will give out more than 60 dispensary licenses. "The state law, the NRS, gives each county, depending on the population, a number of dispensaries," Krueger said. Washoe County is set to have 10 dispensaries. Reno and Sparks collectively get four of them, while the county jurisdictions will get two. "That leaves four that the county can decide to keep for themselves or parcel out to the other three jurisdictions," Krueger said.

The state may also award around 200 cultivation licenses for things like grow houses and testing laboratories. So far, Krueger says there is not much interest in applying to bring a lab here in northern Nevada. "That's problematic because that would mean that if there's only one lab in the state, and it happens to be in southern Nevada, that's going to create a log jam." The application process is between August 5th and the 18th. After that, the state could take up to 90 days to decide who will get dispensary and cultivation licenses.


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