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Many sprouts in my growing pot - First timer


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This is my first time growing anything, please forgive me if I sound completely stupid.

I planted the germinated seeds in pots filled with soil (one seed per pot). Five days later I was confused as I saw multiple sprouts coming from each pot (one of them had 5 small thin sprouts). Is that normal? or my soil is contaminated with other seeds. do I start over? can identify which is the marijuana sprout and which is not and pick up the other sprouts?

Please advise, and thanks for all the useful information you're putting out there.


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Sounds like contaminated soil to me I would pluck the other sprouts just make sure you don't take the wrong one you should also make a grow journal to get some outstanding advice from the great people here and also to document your grow good luck with your grow and welcome to 420 magazine
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