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Maple Valley house fire reveals massive marijuana growing operation


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Maple Valley firefighters responded to a Saturday morning house fire and discovered a massive marijuana growing operation occupying three floors of the home.

Nearly 900 marijuana plants were found with an estimated street value of $900,000. Each plant is consider to be worth about $1,000. Samples have been sent to a lab to confirm the plants are marijuana.

The fire call came in at 10:30 a.m. March 26 in the 25000 block of 235th Court East.

There was a large amount of smoke coming from the garage and the firefighters cut a hole in the garage door of the house.

The firefighters found the source of the smoke near the electrical service panel and quickly extinguished the fire.

As the firefighters checked the home they found all three floors dedicated to a marijuana growing operation.

The Maple Valley Police Department was contacted. The department officers and detectives began an investigation. Along with the plants about 70 overhead lights were being used in the house with industrial fans, generators and a venting system.

Full grown plants were found along with shoots.

Police officials expect the marijuana growing operation is part of a criminal organization that has been active in the region. The operation at the Maple Valley home is believed to be one of the largest and most sophisticated to be discovered in this region.

The officers and detectives spent Saturday and Sunday dismantling the operation, collecting evidence and working on the investigation, which is continuing.
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