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Marc Emery on CBC TV


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Nice find. lol marc is a straight baller, he knows whats up. anyone else ever notice on news about people and pot they always try to cut em off mid sentance lol.peace


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This kind of crap makes me sick...USA land of the free my ass...Emery has some big balls and agree with him


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Capt. Zigzag said:
If they do. What are WE going to do? Will we let them convict him? Will we rally in his name? Will we......

I know I will.

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I'm definitly protesting if he is. I think he knows that thats the point when a lot of people would, so it'll make a bigger impact if we just all decide to do it then.

Let me know what I can do to help in any way... :37:

MV... :smoke2:


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the funny thing is, if he did ever go to US prison he would be a GOD in prison, no one would touch him haha! keep doin what you do marc!!


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Marc your my idol man! :allgood:


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my goodness... hes amazing, he safely replyed with great reasoning. Damn what a great guy, thank you government for trying to lock up a guy such as himself. Kiss my fuckin ass!
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