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Marchers Demand Legalization Of Marijuana

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Mexico City, Mexico -- Thousands of marchers took to the streets in Mexico and Argentina to demand the decriminalization of marijuana as part of the 13th annual Global Marijuana March.

In Mexico City, hundreds chanted and cheered, including Leopoldo Rivera, president of the Mexican Association For Cannabis Studies.

"We consider it prudent to be informed on this (topic). (People) who consume are not necessarily criminals or ill, it could be any regular person who is a productive, contributing member of society," he said.

Marchers said they believed legalizing the personal use of marijuana would aid in the fight against drug trafficking.

President Felipe Calderon's war on drugs has claimed more than 38,000 lives since he launched a military-led crackdown against drug cartels in December 2006.

"We are lobbying for the decriminalization of marijuana as a way to reach peace. Currently, the number of dead in Mexico is 40,000, and it is due in big part to drug trafficking," said environmentalist Arnold Ricarde.

Participants marched from the city's Zocalo to the Revolution Monument.

In Buenos Aires, thousands gathered in front of the presidential Pink House to demand the legalization of marijuana as well as a national free plan to combat addiction.

Events were held in 23 other Argentinean major cities such as Cordoba.

Human Rights Commission president Victoria Donda participated in the demonstration.

"What we propose is that the use (of marijuana) be decriminalized. That the simple possession be decriminalized and that the growing for personal use be decriminalized because we believe that we should stop jailing kids and start going after drug trafficking," she said.

Be it for recreational or medical reasons, decriminalization is a reasonable option, said Argentine congressman Claudio Lozano.

"Democracy has to do with a society in which each individual solves or decides their own story. In this sense, if there is use (of marijuana), the use can have a recreational or addictive nature. Either one of them doesn't deserve punishment," he said.

According to event organizers, this year 250 cities in 40 countries participated.

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