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Marijuana 911 Call - Mostly True Stories on DVD


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One evening the police came to my friends home and said that a woman placed a 911 call from the house saying she was being held captive. They came in and raided his house and founds guns and hard drugs. At trial they subpoena'd the 911 call and found no call being made that day from his number. Case disnissed and 120k richer my friend lives a somewhat normal life now. He is so paranoid now that I can't smoke with him anymore :27: 911 call or not the cops are doing what they please in the streets. Great video Moose :rasta:


I know a guy who was at a motel party and accidently called 911 on the party. I think everyone ran from the room though. Talk about some stupid shit, if you just tell them it was an accident then they are like oh ok, don't do it again. Calling 911 can really get your heart racing, but it might have to do with the situation that is making you call 911 in the first place.
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