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Marijuana Added To List Of Drugs On WWE's Wellness Plan

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
WWE has told it's wrestlers that marijuana is now a banned substance and will not be treated as a drug that is in the same class of other banned drugs. Instead of a suspension if tested positive there will only be a fine of a $1000 and this also does not count as a 'strike' in the '3 strikes' rule.

This puts WWE in a position where they can testify in front of Congress that they test for all drugs without exception. Should a wrestler get caught driving with marijuana could cause a media frenzy once again. That is the last thing WWE needs. The "anti-estrogen" drug will be added to the banned drugs list.

Triple H addressed the Smackdown/ECW roster before the taping Saturday, basically telling them that the entire industry is now under fire and that everyone needs to stick together.

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