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Marijuana Advocate's Dna Hearing Put Off

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CAMDEN - A contempt of court hearing for a Browns Mills man who has
refused to provide a DNA sample as a condition of his release from
probation has been rescheduled for Jan. 13.

R. Edward Forchion, known for his attempts to legalize marijuana,
balked at providing the sample, challenging the constitutionality of
the law authorizing it.

The requirement was not even proposed when Forchion pleaded guilty in
2000 to a charge of possessing 25 pounds of marijuana.

Forchion argues that the law authorizes a search of people who "are
not even suspects in crimes not yet committed."

The DNA samples are collected by oral swabs.

The process usually is done either at a probation office or the county
sheriff's office.

Forchion appeared Friday at a scheduled hearing before Superior Court
Judge Robert Millenky.

Assistant Camden County Prosecutor John T. Wynne and defense attorney
Mark Fury agreed to the continuance.

If convicted of the contempt charge, Forchion could be jailed,
Millenky said.

Forchion has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court challenging the

"If my lawsuit is dismissed, I'll do it. I'll give them the sample,"
Forchion said Friday.

Pubdate: Sun, 14 Dec 2003
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