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Marijuana And Epilepsy

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
The journal Neurology stated in a 2004 article by D. W. Gross, M.D., et al., "Marijuana Use and Epilepsy; Prevalence in Patients of a Tertiary Care Epilepsy Center" (Vol. 62, pp. 2095-2097):

"Twenty-one percent of subjects had used marijuana in the past year with the majority of active users reporting beneficial effects on seizures. Twenty-four percent of all subjects believed marijuana was an effective therapy for epilepsy.

Despite limited evidence of efficacy, many patients with epilepsy believe marijuana is an effective therapy for epilepsy and are actively using it."
(2004) Neurology

The American Journal of Epidemiology stated in a July 1990 study by Stephen K. C. Ng, M.P.H., Dr.P.H., "Illicit Drug Use and The Risk of New-onset Seizures," (Vol. 132, No. 1, pp. 47-57):

"Marijuana use appeared to be a protective factor against first seizures in men....The authors conclude that heroin use is a risk factor and marijuana use a protective factor for new-onset seizures."
(July 1990) American Journal of Epidemiology

A reader of ProCon.org, wishing to remain anonymous, wrote the following in a 9/3/02 email:

"I had a car wreck in 1995 and was knocked into a coma, suffered traumatic brain injury and became epileptic. I have tried many other epileptic medications and I am taking two now: phenytoin and lamictal. They help, yes, but I always ended up having another seizure.

I have found that since I began smoking marijuana, it honestly helps with my grand mal and petit mal siezures.

When I do not have it [marijuana], the seizures begin again by themselves and it is impossible to stop them with anything else at the time with the same effect that marijuana can give to you. I promise you it is really the one thing in my life now that I am extremely thankful for because it has helped me to return to a more of a normal life."
(9/3/02) Anonymous
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