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Marijuana as an Analgesic and Soporific by John and Mary

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Marijuana as an Analgesic and Soporific by John and Mary​

My wife and I are both medical users under Oregon law. She suffers with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Asthma, has had three heart attacks and has a host of other illnesses from the huge quantity of medications she must take.

She broke her leg last August and it still has not healed due to her autoimmune disease and the Cortisone she takes to control that. Her pain is constantly at or above the worst she ever felt in childbirth. She has taken the entire pharmacy of pain and sleeping medications with very little relief.

For nearly three years she never got more than three hours sleep a night. I was helplessly watching my wife slowly dying before my eyes. Her Doctor did a lot of research and finally decided the pharmacy had nothing that would help her. He recommended Medical Marijuana as a last resort. We were raised with "Marijuana the Assassin of Youth" and 'Marijuana the Killer Weed" so we were pretty skeptical about the idea, but he is an excellent Doctor and she was in agony so we decided to try it.

Oregon law allows medical use, but makes no provision for providing Marijuana to patients. In order to find medication, we joined the Green Mountain Medical Co-operative. They listened to our story and empathized with her plight. One of our fellow co-op members brought us a batch of special brownies a few days later. Mary ate a brownie that night and I sat and watched her slowly melt into the couch as all her pain and fear drained away and she went peacefully to sleep for the first time in nearly three years. I stayed up all night and just watched her sleep. She slept over nine hours and awakened refreshed and relatively pain-free!

Each night since, she has had a brownie, a few cookies or a cup of special tea. She is sleeping eight hours a night or better and her overall health is steadily improving instead of declining. In order to ensure Mary's supply I have started a greenhouse and have five plants just starting to flower. There are eight more vegetating and five Jack Flash clones to start the next cycle after the first five are done.

I have learned to make Cannabutter and an Everclear based extract for use in tea. We have opened the doors of our local hospital to medical users and I spoke on the steps of our state capitol during a medical rally there. I have become extremely active within the Co-op since I learned how many of our members are too ill to help themselves. I am now a member of the Board of Directors and am testing various growing methods looking for a simple system and a foolproof strain that we can give (at no charge!) to new members so they can have a successful first grow. Once they harvest, they are then self-sufficient enough to expand their grow and become able to help other members as well as themselves.

Some of our members are dying of Cancer and AIDS-related illnesses. Others have glaucoma and are at risk of losing their sight. Many are constantly in severe pain. I have Peripheral Vascular Disease, Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy and severe P.T.S.D. that keep me from sleeping many nights. All of us receive significant relief from our Medical Marijuana use.

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