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Marijuana Break, Glass Break

Jim Finnel

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A 23-year-old Western Connecticut State University student faces charges of second-degree criminal trespass and second-degree criminal mischief after a police officer found him stuck in a broken window Friday at Young Library shortly before 4:30 a.m.

A WestConn police officer found William T. Miller of Queens Village, N.Y., stuck halfway in a window of the library after hearing a suspicious noise while checking the Westside campus classroom building.

That's when he found Miller, bleeding from cuts on his hands on a small ledge about 20 feet off the ground.

Miller told police he was in the 24-hour computer lab and went outside to smoke marijuana. When he saw a police car, he went around the corner of the classroom building to hide.

Miller saw a ladder near the building and climbed it, hoisting himself up on a ledge just beyond some windows in the Young Library. He then smoked some marijuana.

When he tried to get off the ledge onto the ladder, he couldn't maneuver himself down. He sat on the ledge for about an hour before breaking the window and getting stuck.

An officer then found Miller and called the Danbury Fire Department to help get Miller out. He was taken to Danbury Hospital, where he received stitches for deep lacerations.

Miller could face additional charges, police said.

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Hahaha dumbass. I give him props for having the balls to tell the truth, but how would you even go about making up a lie over something like that? Lmao.
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