Marijuana Break-In Goes Bad – Twice


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At failed break-in at the Acme Collective, a non-profit marijuana dispensary, ended in the arrest of three Santa Maria men – Tyler Brown, 21; Derrick Treur, 19, and Jacob Ray, 19. Around 2 a.m. Tuesday morning, a resident living near the dispensary reported seeing men wearing dark clothing and prowling suspiciously near the Acme Collective, which is located at 213 W. Victoria Street in Santa Barbara. When police arrived, they noted a Black Saturn sedan driving down the street. In a press release about the incident, Sgt. Paul McCaffrey noted that, once stopped by police, the men gave the "unlikely explanation that they were tired from driving home to Santa Maria, and were just looking for a place to rest." The men reportedly fumbled around in their pockets and dropped latex gloves onto the ground in an attempt to present their identification.

Upon searching the suspects' car, police also found bolt cutters, which led police to conclude that the three had also attempted to break into the Pacific Greens marijuana dispensary, located at 816 N. Milpas Street. The cutting of a padlock sounded an alarm at Pacific Greens approximately fifteen minutes before police contacted the three men near the Acme Collective.

Brown was booked for attempt burglary, prowling, and violation of probation. Treur was booked for attempt burglary and prowling; and Ray was booked for attempt burglary, prowling, and possession of burglary tools.

Glen Mowrer, owner of the Acme Collective, said nothing was stolen and that such break-ins are rare. "It's a common thing with a lot of other [dispensaries] that have this kind of problem," he said. "But this is the first attempted break-in here." Mowrer credited t he vigilance of his neighbors in preventing the crime. As the Acme Collective is a non-profit, Mowrer said that the building houses the supply of marijuana, some paraphernalia, and a small amount of cash, most of which is paid out to vendors and suppliers. Mowrer said he also employs video surveillance.

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Source: The Santa Barbara Independent
Pubdate: 5 January 2007
Author: Drew Mackie
Copyright: 2007 The Santa Barbara Independent
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