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Marijuana Came From Mystery Mailer


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Police are trying to determine who shipped a 12-pound package of marijuana via express mail from Gardena to a New York school principal, investigators said Friday.

"We're investigating the origin of the package, and also who the intended recipient was," New York's Kent police Lt. Alex DiVernieri said.

The package, which smelled of marijuana, arrived via Federal Express at Kent Primary School in Carmel, N.Y., on Thursday. It was addressed to Joan Pinserton, an apparent misspelling of Pinkerton, the principal's name, police said.

The return address corresponds to a vacant Gardena lot. Gardena and Kent police departments are investigating, said Gardena police Lt. Mike Saffell.

"We're not focusing on one person, but numerous persons. It always starts branching out like a spider web," Saffell said. "We have experience handling these types of narcotics transportation cases, although this is multijurisdictional, which makes it more complex."

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration lists mail delivery services as a common way drugs are moved cross-country.

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