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Marijuana Charge Against Virginia Tech LB Beckett Amended, Could Pave Way For Return

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The felony conspiracy to sell/distribute marijuana charge against Virginia Tech linebacker Tavante Beckett was amended to misdemeanor possession in Montgomery County District Court on Thursday, potentially paving a way for his return to the Hokies football team.

The sophomore, who was suspended from the team indefinitely in September, has two misdemeanor possession charges that are under advisement by the court, his lawyer Jimmy Turk said. Beckett will do 100 hours of community service and be monitored for a year as a first-time drug offender. If he complies with the court's orders and stays out of further trouble, the charges will be dropped.

"This is what would ordinarily happen to anyone, despite whether they're a student-athlete or not,' Turk said. "It doesn't make any difference. This is customarily what would likely happen in a case of this nature, with the facts that we knew them to ultimately be."

That could potentially pave the way for his return to the Virginia Tech football team. School policy requires an automatic suspension with a felony charge until it is resolved or dismissed. With the felony charge no longer in play, Beckett has a chance to return to the Hokies, though that ball will be in head coach Justin Fuente's court.

Beckett was not a student at Virginia Tech during the fall semester after being suspended by a student conduct committee, Turk said, although he is eligible to attempt to re-enroll in the winter.

Beckett has been indefinitely suspended since he was charged in early September with conspiring to distribute marijuana in an amount more than a half ounce but less than 5 pounds, a Class 5 felony in Virginia. He also faced an initial possession of marijuana charge, a misdemeanor. Beckett entered a plea of not guilty to the charges.

They came after Blacksburg police requested a warrant as part of an ongoing drug investigation following a "trash pull" that produced pieces of 25 marijuana cigarette and a small amount of leafy green material and stems outside of Beckett's residence. A subsequent police search of Beckett's residence produced a 9mm pistol, "green plant material mixed with tobacco," and a digital scale, according to court documents.

The 5-foot-11, 220-pound sophomore linebacker from Chesapeake was expected to be a primary backup to Andrew Motuapuaka at mike linebacker this past fall. If Beckett returns to the team, he could be in the mix with freshman Rayshard Ashby and others vying for a possible starting spot now that Motuapuaka has exhausted his eligibility.

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