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Marijuana Comments Raise Concerns

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The Saskatchewan Party is raising questions about comments made by an NDP candidate during a recent students' forum at Carlton School.

During the question and answer part of the forum on Nov. 1, a student asked Chad Nilson about legalizing marijuana.

Nilson responded that because that issue falls under federal jurisdiction, students should lobby their MP if they want marijuana legalized.

Saskatchewan Party candidates Darryl Hickie and Kevin Shiach said they have received phone calls from parents concerned that Nilson was advocating legalization.

"I was very concerned that he made a comment about legalizing marijuana," said Hickie, adding he was worried as a police officer and as a parent.

"That's not acceptable at all. The Saskatchewan Party doesn't advocate for the legalization of any drugs."

Nilson said his point was that "marijuana is a federal government issue and students need to speak to their federal politician about the issue."

Nilson said a lot of users buying marijuana will get it from the same person who also sells harder drugs, and the question he answered dealt with separating the market as some other countries have done.

Nilson also said the federal government has made moves to decriminalize marijuana.

He said the big difference between the Saskatchewan Party and the NDP's approaches to dealing with drugs is that the former emphasizes criminalization and penal institutions while the latter stresses treatment.

"My opinion is, we need more treatment in Saskatchewan," said Nilson.

Source: Prince Albert Daily Herald (CN SN)
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