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Marijuana cures hiccups

Jim Finnel

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Marijuana cures hiccups

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Two American medical doctors report the use of marijuana to cure persistent (intractable) hiccups in an AIDS patient. The patient had received intravenous midazolam and dexamethasone prior to a minor surgical operation. Following surgery he developed intractable hiccups. Chlorpromazine controlled the condition only during sleep and nifedipine, valproate, lansoprazole, and intravenous lidocaine had no effect. Eight days after surgery the patient who had not previously smoked marijuana did so with the result that the hiccups stopped. They recurred the next day, but disappeared permanently on the next day when he again smoked marijuana. The doctors conclude that marijuana may be effective in stopping hiccups untreatable by other means.
Gilson, Ian and Busalacchi, Mary. Marijuana for intractable hiccups. The Lancet, Vol. 351, January 24, 1998, p. 267 (research letter)


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This is an old thread, but I wanted to bump to share my story.

I can't remember if the guy was in Weed 1, or Weed 2, with Sanjay Gupta, but there was a young guy featured, named Chaz, who had a disorder of the diaphragm, which would flutter and make it difficult for him to talk. During the documentary, he has this problem, and he showed Dr. Gupta how fast it worked for him, the medicine was administered through smoking in this case, and almost immediately the problem disappeared.

Yesterday evening I came down with a hiccup issue. After a few hiccups I thought about Chaz and his diaphragm problem, knowing that hiccups are caused by a diaphragm spasm, I decided to try Cannabis to fix it.

Now for me, I don't get serious hiccup spells, or anything directly painful or anything like that. They're just a nuisance. They tend to last about 10-15 minutes, and I have attempted to use controlled breathing in the past, which helped reduce their frequency, but using the cough test always showed they were still there most times.
They're not really painful for me, as they are for some folks I know, but they do indirectly cause pain, causing accidental bites on the tongue, cheek, etc.. So it's still no picnic.

This 'cough test' is something I've always done, as far back as I can remember as a kid, I'd do it to see if my hiccups were gone, as a cough seems to cause another hiccup every time.

Using my MED GOM 1.0 strain, which is 4-10% THC, and 4-15% CBD, one average hit on my pipe, held it for just a few seconds, and they were gone almost immediately. Well I guess it was immediately, since I didn't get a single hiccup after that one hit.

Absolutely amazing!


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The WEED 1 and WEED 2 videos are here: https://www.420magazine.com/forums/epilepsy/220569-dr-sanjay-gupta-charlottes-web.html

You can find the part I'm talking about in WEED 1, time in the video 12:10.

Honestly, I have never in my life had a medication work that fast, I was BEYOND amazed that a simple plant, could do so much, and it did it SAFELY. I'm sold on Cannabis. And I am honestly looking forward to trying different treatments with it to cure all my ailments.
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