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Marijuana Doctors and Schizophrenia

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
After going through almost ten years of medical marijuana patients I’m beginning to think that the movie Reefer Madness was correct in its title - but it wasn’t the lousy actors who were acting crazy but the people who had it made.

I’m sure Harry Aslinger had a lot to do with it. He was like the vicious drug czars anti-marijuana fakers of this day - all hat and nothing under the hat in the way of brains and knowledge that marijuana had been used safely as medicine for at least 4 thousand years without any deaths and was the most popular medicine in the U.S. from 1850 till at least 1900.

It could not be purified nor synthesized and patented and could even be grown in a patients garden. Its medicine was produced by about 25 pharmaceutical houses and recommended for 100 different maladies. Anslinger and the Hearst newspapers ballyhood that the natural plant was used only by low life Mexicans and Negroes so it must be really bad for white folks.

This all takes me to the present schizophrenic nuttiness. I am even embarrassed to see that otherwise normally intelligent doctors and pharmacologists are financially making money in a big way to crank out weird medical articles stating that marijuana is addicting and/or dangerous. They do this for lots and lots of money.

I just found out that marijuana research and drug enforcement cost about 40 billion dollars a year. Now that is real Reefer Madness. Combine all the federal and state government investment, DEA agents, grants, legal fees, plus eradication and control, the list is enormous.

In California alone there are over 300,000 card carrying medical marijuana patients, PLUS it is estimated there are 10 times that many "illegal users". If they each spend $100 a week on grass, well you do the math. This is big business. All of this, and they spend billions to "protect us" from this vicious plant. Crazy!

What is really strange is the schizophrenia among doctors in my own state of Oregon. That's right.

Even the Oregon Medical Board holds the benighted position as stated by a former chairman, Dr. Spokas of Ontario, Oregon, that marijuana is "very addictive and very dangerous!" At the same time, 2700 Oregon doctors including 200 osteopathic doctors are medical marijuana doctors. None of their patients are "addicted" or in some danger to themselves or others. What a contradiction.

The Oregon Medical Board told the Oregonian newspaper that I was "a danger to my patients and the public in general." None have experienced any harm other than police harassing. Two of the strongest examples of physician schizophrenia occurred at my "kangaroo court" trial that I was negligent and dangerous.

In addition to Dr. Spokas who can most politely be called "all wet" or maybe somehow deluded, they had two hired guns who were falsely knowledgeable about the "dangers" of marijuana.

One was Dr. James F. Calvert of OHSU, a self proclaimed expert on harmful aspects of marijuana. He admitted at my trial that he has medical marijuana patients. How schizo can a doctor be.

Another expert, Dr. Mark Seppala was a Director of Hazelden Drug Rehabilitation programs and a former self admitted drug addict himself. It was his statement at my trial that all of my 4000 patients should be referred to him for rehabilitation. Now that is really schizophrenia. In the meantime all of my patients are getting along fine with other medical marijuana doctors. It was Dr. Seppala’s testimony that marijuana was a dangerous addictive and he and Hazelden could "cure" them. I consider this to be a bit of arrogant megalomania and lack of knowledge that marijuana is dangerous is a sequella of his previous drug addiction or maybe he was testifying for the money. He was there two days and received about 10 thousand dollars.

I’m relieved that the 2700 Oregon doctors are enlightened enough to ignore the schizophrenic nuttiness of the Oregon Medical Board.

Phillip Leveque has spent his life as a Combat Infantryman, Physician Pharmacologist and Toxicologist. After surviving WWII, he went on to treat veterans for years who suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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