Marijuana Farm Raided In Ibb


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The police official charged with combating drugs raided a home in Khaish area, al-Nashma district, in Ibb governorate and found 112 different marijuana plants. Marijuana, a large leafy weed, is the source of hashish. "The police investigated information that there was a marijuana farm. When it was revealed to be true, the police arrested the house's landlord," said General Mousa'ab Ali al-Sofi, the deputy manager of the combating drugs unit in the Interior Ministry.

"The investigation is still ongoing. We want all the details of the case, in which it appears that the landlord of the house has a connection with a sort of gang," said al-Sofi. He declined to give the name of the landlord in order to maintain the confidentiality of the case. "The confiscated hashish is used locally and not exported outside the country," he said.

Al-Sofi said that the danger from hashish is less than the other types of drugs. "The amount of hashish that we found is a lot, because each plant could produce a respectable amount of hashish," he said. This is the first cache of hashish confiscated this year, but many other drugs have been seized in other places. Al-Sofi said that they found 1190 kilos of heroin in al-Mahrah governorate, and 1400 kilos of heroin in Hadhramout governorate. "Unlike hashish, which is for local use, these other sorts of drugs are exported outside the country," he said.

The other kinds of drugs are imported from the nearby countries–Pakistan and India among others. "Yemen is currently considered a station on the route of the drug trade," he said. "Getting the drugs into the country is carried out by very organized gangs," he said. Al-Sofi said that security forces had caught some members of the gangs. "We caught 16 Pakistanis, seven Yemenis, and an Iranian, who were smuggling drugs and transporting them to the neighboring countries," he said.

The means of distribution of the local hashish is being kept top secret. "After the investigation is finished, the police will present this information," al-Sofi said, "We hope that we don't find more cases of this." The Yemen Observer tried to get a statement from the authorities in Ibb, but they declined to comment.

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