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Marijuana Found At Wal-Mart


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I thought this was to short for the front page news, and I still wanted to share it with all of you so here it is. I know one thing, I would not of told anybody if I found that much weed.:3:

Almost 100 Pounds of Marijuana Found in Wal-Mart Distribution Center.

An employee at the Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Plainview, was not expecting what he found inside a box there Friday.

Plainview Police say an employee was filling an order around 4 a.m. Friday, and noticed one of the boxes was heavier than usual. When he opened the sealed box, he allegedly found 92 pounds of marijuana inside.

Police are still investigating and say drug dogs went through the facility all day. NewsChannel 11 will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest details as they become available.

Source: News Channel 11 (Lubbock, Texas)
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92 pounds...riiiight wheres that 8 other pounds eh!

One Three

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lol remember when this same shit happened at a home depot?


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Yea for real, i know a lot of stoners working at wal mart.

Musta been too straight edge, even if i didnt smoke pot, i still know what its worth... run w/ that box.. RUN FAST !


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92 pounds...riiiight wheres that 8 other pounds eh!

agreed. ^
For some reason, it just doesn't seem likely that there was 92 pounds and not a more even number. That guy probably took the other 3 or 8 for himself.


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Probable stress any Dank bud (Kush, OG, Train Wreck) would of never of made it that far. If anyone, in there right mind, had a nose.


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the cops need to give it back so we can buy some later... lol somebody's going to be mad.. lol


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Working at such a large company, he probably couldn't not call the police, but he could have taken more than just 8 lbs. . . shit. . . Like today in such and such, 1 lb of MJ was dicovered at a local wallys world. . in other news. . . then me and a couple of employees would be quite happy. . . and very blazed :3: :peace:


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i know security is decently tight on employees but my friends left the building with a 52'' tv when they quit, why not take the pot too...
this reminds me of the news story in national news about the school teacher, when you do shipments or purchases of weed make sure you know where it is supposed to go and it goes to the correct place...


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when i first saw this post i thought that it was gonna be about some dude who found like a bag of weed in a wal-mart, but damnnnn, 92 pounds! i wish i would i have found that. to bad i never go to wal-mart. i wonder where it all came from?


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If i had look closer and seen that box and smell good?
I,ll pick it up and walk off being not susspition so you it can be your to keep.
Walk to your car and load it up, but don,t speed it up,cop think you look like a crook to stealing from Distribution Center. Also don,t panic be cool and act like nothing happend.
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